About Us

We are, like you, women who lead very busy lives and have gone through the stress of trying to fit into our old clothes, while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With My Waist Shaper, it’s now possible to loose inches instantly and wear the clothes you’ve always wanted to fit into.

We help women who are just like us, and who are just like you, to look your very best. We offer the newest and best quality products to help shape your body and allow you to get closer to perfection! Our mission is to empower all women to share their experience, reviews, and inspire you to feel more confident about your body shape.

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When you receive and put on one of our Waist Shapers, you’ll realize quickly how it can help tone your body, improve your posture and encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle to look your very best.

With My Waist Shaper, everything is possible. Join the thousands of women and satisfied customers by experiencing what it’s like to wear your very own Waist Shaper.

The Waist Shaper changed  my life! I have so much confidence now when I go out. Thank you My Waist Shapers for helping me look my best. – Kayla
Wear your waist shaper to sleep, wake up and look instantly thinner! That’s my motto! – Amber