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Size Bust Waist Hip
S 32″-34″ 24″-46″ 32″-34″
M 34″-36″ 26″-28″ 34″-36″
L 36″-38″ 28″-30″ 36″-48″
XL 38″-40″ 30″-32″ 38″-40″
2XL 40″-42″ 32″-34″ 40″-42″
3XL 42″-44″ 34″-36″ 42″-44″
4XL 44″-46″ 36″-38″ 44″-46″
5XL 46″-48″ 38″-40″ 46″-48″
6XL 48″-50″ 40″-42″ 48″-50″

Body shaping just got even better with the SlimVest! The straps will help keep the vest in place for hours of effective wear. Instantly trim inches off your waist.

Some benefits that the SlimVest offers are:

  • Reduced appearance of unwated bulges or “muffin tops”
  • Natural enhanced natural features
  • Improved posture with continued use
  • Suppressed urge to overeat
  • Time-saving through ease of wear, so you can be on-the-go!

How to wear the SlimVest:

Gently stretch your waist shaper. This will help the elasticity of it so you can wear it easily. Once on, clip from top to bottom. If you can’t get it the first time, that’s okay. Practice a few times until you get comfortable. After clipping, stretch so that your waist shaper adjusts. Smooth it out and voila!


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XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL


Purple, Pink, Black, Blue


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